Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Revisiting and saying my goodbyes.

Hi everyone. It has been awhile has it?

It's funny because I came back to this blog to take a look at how much nonsense i wrote for the past years. However, it seems like i fucked up a lot of the pictures and coding and its unbearable to look at without the pictures.

I have to trashed all the previous posts and present you the newest social media I managed to consistently [somewhat] update.

Instagram:  https://instagram.com/evanyuink/?hl=en  evanyuink

For those who read my old posts, i would like to update on my current status. I am now a full-time artist at Chronic Ink Tattoo, Toronto. I want to focus on my work and progression on becoming a skilled tattoo artist.  I have a long way to go, so you can probably understand that i have to rid all of my social media journals.

Well, i don't have much else to say except for my goodbyes.

Goodbye everyone on blogger. Thank you for accompanying me on my silly journeys.

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